Standard and custom software for spur and helical gears -- software for gear geometry,
     gear calculations, active-mesh graphics, change gear finding, gear grinding, gear hobbing,
     and gear inspection.  Also software for non-involute forms,  non-circular gearing, and
     N-C operations.
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Standard Software -- Click on any of these program names for a  description:
  GEARPACK  - Calculations, form geometry, DXF files & graphics --  mating gears or single gears.
  HOBIT            - Hobbing machine setup including a fast, accurate change gear finder.
  CONFORMS - Generation of mating forms --  involute, non-involute, parallel or crossed axes.
  FLUTES          - Wheel profiles for grinding helical gears or threads or drill flutes.
  INVFORMS   - Define a gear tooth for grinding--  involute modifications, root and tip geometry.
  KAYCHART   - Involute chart from CMM data for a gear tooth or a plated wheel, spur or helical
  FEATURES    - Back engineer a gear from CMM data or hob data.
  FITFORMS    - Curve fitting, shifting, rotating, plane shifting, mirroring, form offset, etc.
  Graphics & other auxiliary programs
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     This software runs under Windows--   95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP,Vista, 7(32-bit or 64-bit in XP mode)

GEARPACK--Calculations, form geometry, and graphics for spur and helical gears--
                                              GEARPACK makes both DXF and HPGL graphic files.

 Design single gears or mating gear pairs -- or verify gear print information -- or use it to convert
 gear print information into manufacturing and inspection information -- or look at the active mesh
 of mating gears -- or get a DXF file of a gear form for your CAD system.

 Flexible input and on-screen 'help' pages greatly simplify data entry. You enter the data
 you know -- GEARPACK calculates all the missing data.  For example, find the specs for
 replacement gears in old, worn, or damaged machines when only the gear center distance
 and number of teeth are known.

 The menu-driven options are very easy to use -- by gear designers or shop personnel.

* GEARPACK performs all these calculations (including interference & limit checks):

- Tooth thickness from overpin measure or overpin measure from tooth thickness.
- Tooth thickness from span measure or span measure from tooth thickness.
- Tooth thickness from test radius or test radius from tooth thickness.
- NDP (normal diametral pitch) from pitch diameter or pitch diameter from NDP.
- NPA (normal pressure angle) from base diameter or base diameter from NPA.
- Helix angle from lead or lead from helix angle.
- Roll angle, roll length, tooth thickness, pressure angle, base pitch, and other involute
  information at specified diameters.
- Hob approach and overtravel distance and much other hobbing data including
  generating length and depth factor to achieve a given tooth thickness.

* For mating gears, GEARPACK calculates (in addition to the graphics capability):
- Contact ratio, SAP (start of active profile) diameter, and SAP roll angle.
- Tooth thickness based on maximum and minimum backlash.
- Minimum workable NDP (for maximum strength).
- Based on NDP input, finds center distance from helix angle or helix angle from center distance.
- Long/short addendums based on X-factor inputs.
- Outside diameter, root diameter, gear lead, helix angle, and all other specs.

* GEARPACK also calculates gear form data and presents a graphics screen showing either
   single gears or mating gears in mesh -- including rotation of the mesh. Mesh graphics is not
   simple animation--it is totally accurate at any magnification.

* Full graphics capability -- zoom, pan, measure, overlay, etc.

* Quickly and easily transfer the gear tooth form to a CAD system with DXF file transfer so you
   can use the tooth -- or the whole gear -- in your assembly and detail drawings.  You can also
   use the output directly for wire EDM or laser gear cutting.

* Transfer the gear or gear tooth in HPGL format to a plotter or printer-- make hard copy of
   the form or tranparencies for optical inspection.

* GEARPACK works for both external and internal involute gears and worms on parallel or
   crossed axes.

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HOBIT-- calculates and customizes the change gears for each of your hobbing
   machines or thread mills. It can find optimum helical setups for machines with or without
   differentials.  It only requires data which is put into tables to work with different machines.

  HOBIT also includes a fast, accurate change gear finder which works directly to find change gears
  for any given ratio. -- super fast and always the best solution.

  Setting up your whole operation -- machines and gear tables -- is so easy that we offer to
  prepare your initial tables for you free of charge.  You can completely define your sets of change
  gears--missing gears, extra gears, etc., and HOBIT will make the setup even if your feed gears and
  index gears must share the same set.

  This is not the old 'pick and try' software you may have already tried, but the very best solution--
  and guaranteed to fit the gearbox space without 'juggling gears' or recalculating over and over.
  HOBIT allows compounding of up to eight gears in a gearbox--unheard of accuracy to achieve
  any gear ratio required.  There is even an option to keep the feed gears the same for both left
  and right hand work to simplify switchover when hobbing gear pairs that differ only in hand.

  HOBIT can make your old hobbers competitive with CNC hobbers by reducing setup time and
  providing totally accurate setups -- Barber-Colman, Gould & Eberhardt, Cleveland, Pfauter, any
  machine (even including continuous shift and oblique feed hobbers).

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CONFORMS -- Software for generating involute and non-involute mating forms.

  CONFORMS takes the known tooth form of a gear, rack, or worm, and calculates the
   generated form of the mating gear, rack, or worm.  Tooth forms may be helical, spur,
   involute or non-involute, external or internal. (Examples: gear teeth, including root generation
   and involute modifications; worms; splines; ratchets; sprockets; impeller rotors; hobs;
   shaper cutters; seaming & rolling dies)

  Mating parts may mesh at parallel or crossed axes. The input form may be given in any cutting
  plane and the output form can be provided for any cutting plane. Form geometry for input and
  output is lines and arcs (if your geometry is supplied in terms of a math function or rectangular
  or polar coordinates,  FITFORMS can  convert it to line-arc geometry).  Tooth form geometry
  may also be imported from a CAD system, created by our GEARPACK, INVFORMS,
  RAKFORMS, or FLUTES software, or calculated 'longhand'.

  The output geometry is mathematically exact, not  approximate.  Output may  be graphically
  displayed (including active mesh),  transmitted to a CAD system, or  used as input to other
  programs.  You can  use the output directly for wire EDM form cutting or other N-C
  operations.  Output geometry can be in our own SES format, DXF format, HPGL format,
  or generic N-C format (G1, G2, G3 codes, etc)

  You don't need to be an expert--use  the built-in sample jobs and help screens to
   familiarize yourself.

- You can design your own hob or shaper cutter to generate any form--splines, ratchets, etc.
   Common problems with generated forms are 'fill-in' and 'undercut' because the hob design
   doesn't exactly produce the form you want.  A standard option with CONFORMS is the
   ability to 'play back' a generated form to get a direct comparison between the input form that
   you want and the generated form you will get. You can specify the hob specs to the vendor
   and know exactly what to expect in the finished part. You can also ensure that hobs from
   different vendors will be the same.

- You can find the difference in the form cut by a new hob or shaper cutter and a form cut by a
   sharpened-back hob or shaper cutter. This is very important for non-involute forms or involute

- For semi-topping or preshave operations involving protuberance, you can find the difference
   in  form when you use a hob or shaper cutter designed for one number of gear teeth to cut a
   different number of teeth.

- You can optimize the design and mesh of impeller rotors, rolling dies, and seaming dies.

CONFORMS is available as stand-alone software, but is more commonly used as part of a
development system which includes the INVFORMS, GEARPACK, RAKFORMS,
FITFORMS, SCREENIT, and DXFILES software described elsewhere on these pages.
A full-function  browser is included free of charge.

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FLUTES -- Software for helical form grinding - including reverse engineering.

  FLUTES takes any helical form specified in any cutting plane-- transverse, axial, or normal and
  calculates the axial form of the grinding wheel or milling cutter which will produce the given form.
  Helical gear teeth, worms, drill & tap flutes, and thread milling are possible applications.

  FLUTES also does the reverse operation by taking as input the axial form of a grinding wheel or
  milling cutter and calculating the resulting helical form in the transverse, axial, or normal plane.
  This reverse operation also works as an automatic 'playback' option every time you run a job to
  guarantee that what-you-see is what-you-get.

  FLUTES works with both internal and external parts.  Form geometry for input and output is
  lines and arcs (if your geometry is supplied in terms of a math function or rectangular or polar
  coordinates,  FITFORMS can  convert it to line-arc geometry).  Form geometry may also be
  imported from a CAD system, created by our GEARPACK, INVFORMS, or  CONFORMS
  software, or calculated 'longhand'.

  Output may be sent to a CAD system, linked to other software, or used for graphic display
  on a screen or plotter. This geometry is mathematically exact, not approximate.  Output
  geometry can be in our own SES format, DXF format, HPGL format, or generic
  N-C format (G1, G2, G3 codes, etc).

  The changing diameter of a formed grinding wheel after successive truings is often a critical
  factor because the wheel form is always calculated for a particular diameter. Use FLUTES
  to determine the  range  through which a wheel diameter can change and still produce an
  accurate helical part.

- You can design grinding wheel shapes for full form helical gear grinding.

- You can find the difference when you use a plated Borazon grinding wheel (or any pre-designed
  hard wheel) designed for a certain number of teeth and a certain helix angle to grind a different

- For deep forms or high helix angles, you can determine the root fill-in which always makes the
  difference between the form you ask for and the form you get.

- You can design grinding wheels for external or internal thread forms--even when the wheel setting
   angle is not the same as the thread angle.

  FLUTES is compatible with CAD systems using DXF file transfers. FLUTES is available as
  stand-alone software, but is more commonly used as part of a development system which
  includes the INVFORMS, FITFORMS,SCREENIT, and DXFILES software described in
  these pages. A full-function text browser is included free of charge.                back to top

INVFORMS-- Calculates a gear tooth form complete with with involute modifications,
   root geometry, and tip geometry.  It uses common gear print parameters as input.  Output
   geometry is accurate for aircraft quality gears.  Gears can be external or internal, spur or helical.

   Involute modifications can be made at multiple points along the tooth flank.  Modifications
   can be ordinary 'K-chart' style or  'barrel-curve' style.

   Tip modification can be a full radius, a 'sweep-out' radius, or a chamfer.  Root fillet can be a
   given radius or a self-calculated full fillet.

   Output can be a single tooth or space, multiple teeth, or the whole gear.   INVFORMS makes
   a graphic overlay  (using SCREENIT) which allows direct comparison between the modified
   and unmodified tooth.  Geometry  output can be sent to a CAD system using a  DXF file or it
   may be used directly by CONFORMS or FLUTES.

   This software is menu-driven and extremely simple to use. It includes on-line help screens
   which explain each input--also a GEARHELP section for gear geometry calculations.
   INVFORMS also applies to involute splines.                                                    back to top

KAYCHART -- Produces a standard involute chart using CMM inspection data.

  This program will draw an involute inspection  chart using either the gear tooth inspection data
  or the inspection data for the plated grinding wheel which grinds the gear.  It works for
  spur  and helical gears,  external or internal.  Output is shown on-screen, and can be
  transferred to a plotter or printer using HPGL or  DXF format.

  Most modern Coordinate Measuring Machines have the ability to produce an X-Y file of
  data points.  Kaychart can read this file (in any format) directly which greatly simplifies the job.
  Kaychart's output is mathematically exact, not approximate, even when the plated wheel is
  used to grind a helical gear.

  Kaychart is especially useful to check the errors a plated wheel will produce when it is used to
  grind a gear for which it was not designed.

  The Kaychart software includes Features, Screenit, Plotit, & Dxfiles.
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FEATURES -- Reverse engineer gear specs from CMM inspection data or hob data.

  With no other data except CMM inspection points, FEATURES calculates the base circle
  diameter,  TIF diameter, undercut diameter and amount of undercut, chamfer diameter,  root
  diameter, outside  diameter, normal base pitch, and tooth thickness.  It also calculates the roll angle
  at each of these diameters and displays  the form on the screen.  In conjunction with KAYCHART,
  these same inspection points can be used  to produce a standard involute chart showing involute

  To reverse engineer the gear from a known hob (which may be a short pitched hob or a
  protuberance  hob), it is necessary to define the hob using RAKFORMS which then
  automatically runs FEATURES.
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FITFORMS --  Geometry utility software does curve fitting and smoothing to
  convert coordinate point data into line-arc data.  It also performs any combination of
  conversions between  rectangular coordinates,  polar coordinates and line-arc data.  It does.
  shifting, rotating, mirroring, helical  plane shifting, form offset, and inch-metric conversions.

  For curve fitting, you specify the 'fit tolerance' which is the maximum allowable difference
  between any input point and the output line-arc curve.

  A helical plane shift allows you to transfer a geometric form which is defined in one cutting plane
  to any other cutting plane--axial to normal, transverse to normal, normal to axial, etc.  This is a
  true geometric conversion, not an approximation.

  Fitforms can also combine two or more geometry files and sort the elements to make
  a continuous form.  It can also work interactively with SCREENIT, the screen
  graphics program.

  Geometry  files can be  imported / exported as DXF files from a CAD system.
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Graphics and other auxiliary programs:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* SCREENIT --  Screen graphics software includes pan, zoom, rotate, step,  measure,
   overlay,  and active gear mesh.   Works with SOFTWARE ENGINEERING geometry
   file format or  imported CAD geometry in  inch or metric mode.  Saves screen images for
   quick transfer to PLOTIT to produce hard copy.     Works with or without a mouse.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* PLOTIT --  Plotter software produces graphic output in HGL format.  This software can
  drive a plotter such as  the Hewlitt-Packard 7475A interactively-- or it can produce a file for
  off-line printing or plotting.
  Most Hewlitt-Packard plotters use HGL format, and many H-P printers can also use HGL
  format directly.   In addition, third party software is available to make HPGL format work on
  almost any printer--dot matrix,  ink jet, laser, etc.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* DXFILES -- Converts both ways between DXF format and Software Engineering geometry
   format.  Also converts DXF format  to generic N-C format (G1, G2, G3 codes, etc.)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
* RAKFORMS -- Uses standard rack or hob specifications as input and calculates a
  normal or transverse rack form. It includes options of semi-topping ramp and three different
  styles of protuberance.  Especially useful for hob emulation input to the CONFORMS program.
  It is compatible with CAD systems using DXF file transfers.                          back to top

This software runs under Windows--  95, 98, Me, 2000, NT, XP, VISTA,7     


 * Payment options:


     - Give us a company purchase order and let us bill you.


     - Prepay with a check or money order.  (This gets you a 5 per cent discount.)

     Illinois residents add 6.75 per cent sales tax.
     Handling and shipping charge per order: $6.00 -- (more if air, expedited delivery,
     or foreign shipment is requested).    

     Orders from outside the US must be accompanied by  payment.   Bank transfer data

     will be provided if necessary.

 Software (on CD unless otherwise specified) and printed manuals will be shipped
 the next business day by priority mail unless another shipping method is requested.



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